USCEN品牌源自时尚之都-香港,是香港瑶娴一族集团旗下集饰品设计、加工、零售与加盟于一体的多元化中高端时尚饰品连锁品牌,产品涵盖配饰、太阳镜、手表等品类,秉承香港时尚风格与全球设计理念,提出“YOUR STYLE CENTER—你的时尚中心”为品牌目标,在全球范围内触发设计灵感,捕捉流行趋势,开创全新高雅时尚配饰;其核心目标是为每一位理想女性带来超越饰品本身的心动体验。

USCEN brand from the fashion - Hongkong, Hongkong CQV group set jewelry design, processing, retail and join in one of the diversified high-end fashion jewelry chain brand, products include accessories, sunglasses, watches and other categories, adhering to the Hongkong style and global design concept, put forward the "YOUR STYLE CENTER you the fashion center" for the brand, triggering design inspiration in the global scope, capture trends and create a new, elegant fashion accessories; its core goal is to bring the jewelry itself beyond the heart experience for every ideal woman.


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