The design team from domestic and international famous fashion designer, and global trends and drive Qi Yu; they love art, the beauty of the high standard, continuous in nature, literature, painting, architecture, sculpture... Etc.... The universe Vientiane art collection inspiration; with emotional, endowed with beautiful symbolism, full of wit and humour into jewelry uscen, to the original design of smart perceptual interpretation of endless praise the good things in the world.




USCEN has exquisite design and excellent thoroughly tempered, builders of the heart, the beauty of the details, as well as the perfect achievements of classics; each piece of jewelry is carefully produced by the multi-channel process, from inspiration, design, plate, mould, moulding, mosaic, electroplating. To the final product, but excluding the cost the continuous pursuit can be moved in the heart. The crystal by SWAROVSKI crystal elements specified supply.





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